How to Bring the Spirit of "Bin Night" to Your Apartment Building

To promote recycling, the Victorian government has an annual Bin Night. On this day, residents are urged to "get it right" when it comes to recycling. The purpose of this event is to stem the flow of residential garbage that is sent to landfills every year instead of being recycled. If you own an apartment building, you can bring this holiday to your tenants, whether you live in Victoria or another part of the country.


If you own an apartment building, your skip bin provides your tenants with a convenient place to throw out their rubbish. Although you want and need to offer this service, you should also work at reducing the amount of recyclable waste that your tenants accidentally throw in the skip. This waste unnecessarily fills landfills, making less room for waste that really needs to be there. However, keeping with the theme of Bin Night, you can help your tenants to "get it right" and keep recyclables out of landfills.


Explain to your tenants how they can get recycling right. Make copies of brochures explaining which items are recyclable, where they can be recycled and how to clean them before placing them in the recycling bins. Then, distribute these flyers to all of your tenants. Additionally, create colourful posters urging your tenants to recycle, and hang these throughout your building and on the side of the skip bin itself.


Your tenants will be more likely to recycle if it is easy to do. Talk with a skip bin company like Cheap Skip Bins about providing you with complimentary recycling bins that you can place conveniently next to the skip bins. If a separate service is going to be picking up your buildings' recycling, have bins outside, and have your building manager move them to the pickup location as needed.


Information collected about recycling behavior suggests that people are more likely to recycle items from the kitchen than they are to recycle items from other rooms. Unfortunately, items that should be recycled from other rooms such as batteries, electronic devices and other recyclables are often thrown in the skip bin. Encourage your tenants to recycle from all around the home by posting special signs reminding them. Additionally, consider offering your tenants free small mini containers to collect recycling throughout their flats – if they have a dedicated bin in each room, they may be more likely to recycle.