How To Stay Cool And Save Energy

Air conditioning is a must in warm climates during the summer months, but it can be costly to run.  So, is it possible to stay cool and save money?  Read on to find out more.

Room air conditioners

A larger room air conditioner doesn't automatically mean a cooler room.  In fact, it can mean just the opposite.  An air conditioner that's too big for the space it's meant to cool won't perform as efficiently as one that's a more appropriate size.  This is because the unit will cool the room until the thermostat set-point is reached, and only then will it begin to dehumidify the space.  The result is a clammy, damp-feeling atmosphere and sky-high electricity bills. Always ask for professional advice as to the size of room air conditioning unit you'll need for your home before making a purchase.

A good way to save energy is to site interior fans next to your window air conditioners to help spread cool air throughout the room without having to hugely increase power use.  

Another useful tip is to avoid placing heat-generating appliances like TV sets or table lamps near to a thermostat.  The heat these appliances generate will be registered by the thermostat, and the air conditioning unit will react by working harder unnecessarily and burning more fuel as a result.   

Whole-house fans

A good alternative to expensive air-conditioning would be a whole-house fan system.  Whole-house systems work by pulling cool air through your home and discharging the warm air out via an exhaust system fitted in your roof space. 

You can save even more money on running costs by using the fan system during the coolest parts of the day, for example, in the early morning.  This strategy will mean that your home stays cooler during the hotter parts of the day, without actually using the fan system.

Central air conditioning systems

A really easy way to save money on running costs if you have a central air conditioning system is to set the fan and the compressor to shut down simultaneously.  You can do this by re-setting the fan "auto" mode control.  Instead of using the whole system to circulate air around all your rooms, use single circulating fans individually as required.

During the summer months, set the air conditioning thermostat to as high a temperature as possible.  The idea is to keep the difference between the outdoor and indoor temperatures as small as possible, which in turn will lower your cooling bill.

Many people adjust their air conditioning unit thermostat to a much cooler setting than normal when they first switch it on, thinking that this will cool their home more quickly.  This is false economy as such an action will just result in overly excessive cooling, and unnecessarily high fuel bills.

In conclusion

It is possible to save money on energy bills and still stay cool during the hot summer months by following these simple tips.  If your air conditioning system is very old, it might be worth considering upgrading it to a newer, more energy-efficient one that will ultimately mean even more savings.

For more air conditioning tips or for needed repairs, contact air conditioning contractors, such as those at West Air Conditioning.