Tips on How to Nurture Your Newly- Laid Turf

A new turf is like a newborn baby. You must water it, feed it, and caress it, but most importantly, you must not neglect it. Negligence can lead to poor health, or worse, death. Proper maintenance should begin the moment you have bought the turf and start installing it. Keep in mind that grass is a living plant and requires good contact with the ground to survive, and therefore, quick installation is of utmost importance.

Check out the following tips on how you can maintain your new turf in a good condition:

1. Give It Enough Water

Begin watering your turf within the first 15 minutes after installation. The water should reach as deep as one inch into the soil.

In the first week, water your new turf two times in a day, two to three times in the second week, and once a week afterwards. Use a simple hosepipe to water a small area and a sprinkler for a large area. A timed sprinkler, however, may not be a good idea. It may turn on when it is raining and will be of no use.

When you observe some brownness, it implies your new turf has dried out. But don't fret, it does not imply it is dead. All you have to do is give it plenty of water and it will regain its original green colour in two weeks time

2. Do Not Walk on It

You will squash and probably destroy your newly-laid turf by walking over it. Staying off the grass sounds like an impossible task, particularly during the installation period. However, you can make your job a little bit easier by starting installation on the edges first.  Unroll a strip of your new turf around the perimeter and do not use small pieces. They can easily dry out. For the rest of the strips, lay them across the longest straight edge, forming a pattern that is similar to brickwork.

If you must walk on the turf, try to use planks or boards. The good news is that the new turf will not be new forever, and after three weeks, you can even play baseball or football on it.

3. Cut It Short

Cutting the grass short gives it a pleasant appearance. Start mowing ten to fourteen days after installation to give the roots time to grow into the soil. Also ensure the grass is dry, and set the mower to the highest setting so as to avoid scalping the plant and sending it into shock.

After mowing for the first time, wait for a week before you do it again. Afterwards, you can continue with your normal mowing routine.

Do not criticize your turf dealer when you notice some problems with your turf. He or she probably sold you the right thing, but you failed to take good care of it. With these tips, though, it should not be hard.