5 Natural Tools Of Bug Destruction

Using synthetic insecticides, pesticides and herbicides to combat bug infestation is unhealthy for the environment, pets and people. For this reason, turning to natural tools of bug destruction is the prudent thing to do. The following are 5 effective organic ways of eradicating bugs.

Use Essential Oils

Essential oils such as peppermint, lavender, tea tree and eucalyptus are highly effective at getting rid of bugs. These oils have a strong scent that keeps the tiny critters at bay. Lavender, to be specific, is a natural bug repellant. The bugs cannot survive once they taste lavender. Add a few drops to every area you suspect of bug infestation. The strong smell, which is long lasting, will destroy all existing bed bugs together with their eggs. 

Sprinkle Diatomaceous Earth

Soil is the main component of diatomaceous earth. It contains tiny fossils of algae. The soil's jagged edges cut bugs real time. Consequently, they succumb to death because of excessive bleeding. Just spread the diatomaceous earth around the bed. It is a sure way of eradicating the bugs within no time.

Use Beneficial Insects

Use of insects is another effective way of keeping your home bug free. So which are some of the insects you can use to prey on the bugs? Great examples include praying mantis, green lacewings and lady beetles. Lure the 'good' insects with attractive habitat features: water, shelter and food. Alternatively, you can purchase and release them to the specific places you want to eradicate the bugs.

Use Of Boric Acid

With boric acid, you can never go wrong. Boric acid powder acts as stomach poison to bugs. After the bugs walk through the powder, it sticks to their legs. Ultimately, the powder is transported to the colony. In the end, the entire colony ingests boric acid powder as the bugs groom each other. You are able to kill a huge number of bugs using a small amount of powder.

Vacuum Everything

Vacuum curtains, box springs, mattresses, cracks, soft furnishings, chairs, carpets, baseboards, soft toys, the wall – the list is endless. Ensure you also don't forget the obscure places like alarm clocks, electrical switches and smoke detectors. After you are done, empty all the contents of your cleaner to a plastic bag. Seal and dispose the contents from the plastic bag. Ensure you thoroughly clean your vacuum cleaner – especially the filters. Vacuum your room weekly. This ensures no stone is left unturned.

Bug infestation is the last thing you want. Bug bites are not only annoying, but also potentially dangerous. With the above natural ways of getting rid of bugs, you can surely keep your home bug free.

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