Choosing The Best Compact Excavator

The compact excavator is a versatile investment for construction businesses, and it is an ideal solution for tasks such as trenching, augering, land clearing and grading. It is important to select the most suitable product to ensure quality service and prolonged durability. By assessing the key features in the machinery, you can determine which specific model will cater for the construction needs of the company.


The primary configuration in the compact excavator is the conventional tail swing. It has a rear weight that extends when the operator's compartment rotates. Improvements have been made on this design to minimise the risk of inadvertently coming in contact with surrounding items. The zero tail swing configuration is designed to work in tight spots while the minimal swing design improves the overside capacity. The choice will depend on the working environment, and both the zero and minimal swings can work within limited site space.


The performance of the machinery is a crucial factor, and advanced features are constantly added to improve the quality of results. For instance, the hydraulic system which powers the rotation and travel functions is often developed to provide better operation capabilities. Smaller models of the excavators have also been enhanced such that they have more power. For improved outcome in digging tasks, there is an option for long-arms or even extendable arms. The ideal excavator does not necessarily have to have the most exceptional breakout forces or unrivaled functionality. Instead, it should have the capability of efficiently handling the work presented and also have potential for covering future demands.

Safety and Maintenance

The incorporation of safety features in compact excavators prevents construction accidents. A control console lock for the work and travel functions is often added. It prevents the operator from engaging the machinery without first activating the lock. There is also a pedal lock that operates in a similar way to prevent the unintentional launch of the swing. Other precautionary measures include retractable seat belts as well as protective operator's house. Ensure that you understand the specified safety details for the excavators you would like to purchase.

Maintenance is necessary for all excavators but you should avoid models that have complex servicing demands. An example of favorable design for easy maintenance is the swing-open tailgate that allows easy access to the engine components.

These are the main considerations that should be made before the assessment of the cost of the investment. For more information, contact a company such as Aussie Enviro Excavations.