Three Things You Need To Know About Selling Your Marine Salvage

When you sell any kind of salvage, there are always a few things you need or that you need to know about the process. This holds true with the various types of marine salvage available for trade and sell. If you have marine salvage, like boats, that you want to sell, there are a few things you need to know about the process and the things you will need. Here are three of those key points.

Proof of Ownership

The most important thing you need when you want to sell marine salvage is a proof of ownership. There are some salvage companies that will buy certain scarp without it, but if it is a boat or larger piece of formally registered marine equipment, then you will need a title or other ownership paper.  The company that is picking up the salvage will likely have a list of what ownership paperwork is required for particular types of salvage.

List of Salvage

Though it isn't a requirement, it is a good idea for someone selling marine salvage to have a list of what is being sold. This can be said of any type of salvage, but it is particularly important with marine objects. The reason is due to the serial numbers, registration numbers, and brands of various pieces of equipment. If you have a boat engine that is not dismantled, you may be asked if it contains copper wiring or other high value salvage. Having the make, model, serial number, or a registration number will let the salvage team narrow down what pieces they can pull from the engine and give you a more accurate buying price.

 Navigational Location Markers

There are some cases where you know you have salvage but you aren't able to get to it yourself. This is especially true when you have a boat sink or left empty due to engine or other mechanical failure. In these cases, you should have navigational location markers or points to give to the marine salvage company. They can use these markers to locate the salvage and pull it from the area. You can make the sell without this information, but it would be increasingly difficult and may require a speciality company for the job.

These are just a few things you need to know about selling your marine salvage. If you have any specific questions, or if you aren't sure if the items you have can be sold, contact a business such as Southern Commercial Divers.