Skip Bin Hire Dos and Donts

If you have a large cleanup project, or you are remodeling your home, you may need to rent a skip bin. These are large, industrial-sized containers that you can use to dispose of waste. But if you are hiring a skip bin for the first time, there are some rules you need to follow to ensure a smooth transaction. Here are some important things to do and not to do when you obtain a skip bin.

  1. Do Find Out If You Can Move the Bin -- Unless you are ordering a rush service skip bin hire, in which the skip bin operator will stay at  your premises while you load the skip bin, you must make sure that the skip bin is placed exactly where you want it. That's because many skip bin companies do not allow you to manually move the skip bin after is has been placed at a specified location. This is mostly to protect them from liability lawsuits in the event that you injure yourself or others attempting to move the skip bin. You can also mitigate that obstacle by hiring a mobile skip bin, which is mounted on wheels and isn't subject to the same restrictions as a standard skip bin.
  2. Don't Put the Skip Bin On the Sidewalk -- Many council regulations prohibit you from placing a skip bin on the sidewalk unless you obtain a special permit to do so. The reason is that a sidewalk is considered a public walkway, and obstructing others from passing through is against the law. However, if you absolutely need to place a skip bin on the sidewalk, inform the company at the booking, and you will either have to obtain the permit on your own, or the skip bin company will do it for you at an additional cost.
  3. Do Get A Bin With Doors -- You may not think you need a skip bin with a door, but chances are that you will be using a dolly to haul some of your trash, and the ability to enter the skip bin without having to stop your forward progress, can be highly advantageous. In other words, a skip bin with doors will open up and fold to the ground, allowing you to step into the bin itself and dump all the contents that your dolly is holding. This type of unrestricted access can speed up your clean up job and cost you less money, as you will often pay for a skip bin by the hour.

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