Why Every Homeowner Should Have an Indoor Air Quality Inspection Performed

Not every homeowner sees the need for an indoor air quality inspection, as they often assume that this is something only done in a warehouse setting or for a production facility that may create fumes and emissions. However, the air quality of your home is very important for your health and especially for the health of children and those with breathing disorders.

You may also be surprised at what an indoor air quality services might find, especially in an older home. Note the following.

1. Asbestos

Asbestos is a substance that is linked to some very serious forms of cancer when it is inhaled. It was used for insulation in homes some decades ago, before contractors became aware of its dangers. While it's typically not harmful when it's inert, it's good to have your home checked for any asbestos that may have become airborne if your home is some decades old. You may want to have it removed or have it better contained so that you and your family are safe.

2. Fumes and combustible gasses

A combustible gas is one that is created by fires of any sort. An air quality inspection can note if your home is holding fumes or combustible gasses from a stove, fireplace, excessive use of candles, and the like. These combustibles are not always noticeable as they don't necessarily smell like fumes or smoke, but they can be dangerous for your lungs and may also be a fire hazard as well. If an indoor air quality inspection were to find them in your home, you may know to check your stove or fireplace for leaks or to increase your home's overall ventilation.

3. Allergens and other irritants and contaminants

If you or anyone in the family has allergies or are sensitive to dust and other contaminants, it's good to have an air quality inspection done in your home. You may find an buildup of pet hair and dander, excessive dust in the home's ducts, and other such irritants in the home.

You may need to get your home's vents and ductwork cleaned or may need to invest in a new furnace with better filtration. In some cases, floor filters for a room can be needed to remove the irritants and contaminants. An inspection can note the source of these contaminants, such as if you have holes in the attic that are allowing in rodents. However, you won't know the level of contaminants in your home unit you have an air quality inspection done.