Cooling Tower Mechanical Services: Fan Servicing

Mechanical servicing is vital for the successful operation of a cooling tower. The fan forms an integral part of this system and requires regular mechanical servicing as well. Charged with hot air extraction, the efficiency of the fan determines the cooling rate of the plant water. Read on to see what is involved when servicing your cooling tower's fan:

Fan stack efficiency or air extraction

The fan stack has several important roles. The simplest role is to protect the fan and keep debris out. It also keeps outside air from getting into the tower. On a mechanical level, the fan stack prevents drag (air in motion) from interfering with the function of the fan so that only internal air is sucked out. During a mechanical service, the technicians have to evaluate the position and condition of the stack to ensure its keeping external air out of the fan. If you do not have a fan stack, they can design one depending on the size and position of your fan.

Fan blades

The fan blades determine how much hot air is extracted from the tower. These blades have to be inspected to ensure they are not damaged. They also need to be angled properly to ensure that maximum hot air is being extracted. This involves adjusting the blade pitch. The blades may also need to be smoothed to avoid friction and increase streamlining for maximum function.

Fan shaft

The fan shaft connects the fan to the motor or gear box. It has to be lubricated regularly to ensure smooth motion and minimal friction. This is important to avoid noisy function and damage to the shaft. Periodically, the alignment of the fan shaft has to be inspected too. If the shaft is not at maximum concentricity (center position), it may affect the function of the fan i.e. reduce its motion or affect its angling position.


Last but not least, a mechanical service is not complete without checking the bearings. The bearing casing is found on the fan shaft. This has to be changed regularly to ensure the fan maintains smooth function. If the bearings are worn, the fan will start to vibrate and that can cause noise interruption in the cooling tower.

Thanks to cooling tower mechanical services, the fan is able to function fluidly, inducing hot air out so that cool air can flow in. When the fan is working at maximum efficiency, the water is cooled faster and less energy is wasted in the process.