Cooling Tower Mechanical Services: Fan Servicing

Mechanical servicing is vital for the successful operation of a cooling tower. The fan forms an integral part of this system and requires regular mechanical servicing as well. Charged with hot air extraction, the efficiency of the fan determines the cooling rate of the plant water. Read on to see what is involved when servicing your cooling tower's fan: Fan stack efficiency or air extraction The fan stack has several important roles.

4 Safety Concerns You May Experience During Scrap Metal Recycling

In the wake of the global climate change scrap metal recycling is at an all time high. Instead of disposing off metal cans to the landfills, consumers and businesses are classifying metals for recycling. Additionally, a number of states have ratified laws prohibiting certain scrap metal materials from being thrown in landfills in an attempt to encourage scrap metal recycling. There is no disputing the fact that recycling is beneficial to the environment, however, there are a number of challenges that scrap metal dealers grapples with.